The first contact is usually by phone or e-mail. This is the initial communication between us and you (potential clients) about the requirement you have at your disposal. Subsequently we can arrange a meeting. It is also beneficial if you also describe the nature of your problem you want to solve. Then we get to the next step.


The next step is a personal meeting. The personal meeting meets the requirements more closely. The project is divided into several logical parts. The parts are described according to your requirements. During the meeting, we try to get the best advice and solve your problems in the best possible way. During the interview, we contribute to our experience that we have gained during our work. We try to move your ideas to the next level with you, and we try offer much more than you expect from the application.


The third step is the analysis. In this step, we analyze the collected data we received at a personal meeting. We suggest that an app be created to be easy to expand, flexible, meet all requirements, and be safe. These are the basic points on which our work is based.


After the analysis, we proceed to the next step, which is the design and creation of the design according to your ideas. But if you do not have the imagination, so do not worry, we will solve the problem in this case as well. We will design the entire design of the app to capture the audience and deliver the expected results. When creating a design, we combine classical and tasteful aesthetics with design trends. Of course we do not even forget on UX.


The most important part of the development is planning. In this section, you develop an application development process plan, the overall structure and architecture of the project that is captured in various diagrams and models. Delegating tasks to different parts of the team. Designing the best solution according to customer requirements with a view to future expansion of the application.


At this step, the application itself is developing. During this process, the individual application sections are programmed sequentially. Upon completion of each section, we perform internal application testing, functionality, and security of the functionality itself. In this section, we will help you deploy your product (application) and revive it. We'll put him in full operation and your business can be fully started.


After being fully operational with you, we remain on board and help you with any problems that may arise. We address these issues expressly and provide 24/7 service.


Finally, you just have to evaluate our work, access and satisfaction with us. 🤜🤛